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Professional bespoke Web Design in Plympton - Plymouth - Devon

Web Design - Graphic Design - Logo Design - 3D Printing

We Proudly use - Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 - Illustrator CS6 - Photoshop CS6 - Software


Web Design:

Some of the types of sites we can provide are...

Basic sites - Responsive - User editable (CMS) - e-commerce

We can offer a limitless amount of custom designs that can be written in the best way to suit your websites needs. From traditional XHTML to Modern HTML5. HTML5 sites can be designed with fluid grid code, allowing your website to dynamically adjust to mobile and tablet users in the way that you wish them to look. This is better know as responsive websites

Styling a website is also important and we can incorporate both CSS and the latest CSS3 code to provide your site with clean and fancy styling. CSS3 allows such features such as drop shadows, gradient and transparency effects.

Our web hosting is reliable and we are happy to work with your existing hosts and websites. Updating and maintenance can be done, and if changes are only very small no fee will be charged. (based on time) CMS or content management is an option if you require your own access to make regular changes .


Element Design:

Perhaps your handy with some basic web design yourself and don't wish to pay for an entire website. At Digital Scarab we can just simply design the items you need. For example: Nav Bar, Contact Form, Fading Banner or a Gallery.


Gallery of our work:

We have many more new websites we are currently working on and more will be added to our portfolio as they are completed.

There is a collection of XHTML HTML5 & CSS3.